What is Starcall?

Project Starcall is an art request site unlike any other. Inspiration comes from all over and is placed into the hands of our artists. They choose what to create and from that muse deliver quality artwork to requesters for FREE!

Who is welcome?
Both artists and non-artists may join! We want a healthy collection of each to inspire trading ideas and creating artwork! With that being said, this is also a place for writers, musicians, or any other type of artists – not just visual artists!

What’s in it for artists?
The goal of Project Starcall is to leave the inspiration in the artists’ hands when creating requests. It’s meant to be a gift art site that lets an artist choose a project without obligation or demand! Sometimes, requests made directly to the artist can be stressful and we wanted Starcall to take that pressure out of the equation. It’s meant to be fun, low pressure, and based directly on what the artist wants to draw! We also encourage learning artists to participate – all skill levels are welcome! Boast and be proud about being an artist for Project Starcall – it’s a big deal and we’re happy to have you! Artists who participate in creating requests are also encouraged to make requests!

What’s in it for requesters?
Here, requesters of the community can have their ideas brought to life for free. In exchange, you’re helping the project grow and allowing an artist to exercise their creativity, learn, and create based upon your ideas!

  • If you are an artist, consider exploring our collection of requests. Inspiration is just a click away and there are lots of ideas waiting to be brought to life through your skills.
  • If you are a requester, click here to submit a character or design for creation. There is a chance that you may inspire many!

* Project Starcall is not a commission website or a means to advertise your services. The site is based around giving, creating and learning within a positive art community. On that note, we encourage thanking, tipping, and promoting an artist’s hard work on social media.