Starcall FAQ

What is a request?
In the internet art world, a request is often used to explain a piece of art that is created based upon the suggestion or inspiration of another. An artist may then choose to use this idea to create a piece of artwork that promotes their skill while at the same time doing a kindness for someone who may not be an artist themselves. Requests are not demands, obligations, or commissions.

Who is working on the project?
Project Starcall has many artists working together to create quality and thoughtful works of art! As we extend the project further, we welcome any and all like-minded artists to join in the Starcall spirit!

Do requests cost money?
Requests are free, however, we encourage tipping an artist for their hard work. These projects are often done in an artist’s free time and can be just as challenging as paid work. If you cannot monetarily support them, be sure to spread the word about their kindness via social media or among friends.

Answers For Artists Answers For Requesters

What do I need to do in order to start fulfilling requests?
All arists are encouraged to participate right away. Browse our selection of requests to find something that might inspire you!

Do I need to be at a certain skill level to create for Project Starcall? 
There is no requirement in order to create artwork! We also encourage learning artists!

If I choose to create art for Project Starcall, can I also submit requests?
Absolutely! The goal is the same for both sides of the project. Feel free to request art, as well as make art!

Can I complete a request that has already been chosen and fulfilled?
Yes! Feel free to draw any of the listed requests. There is no limited to how many people can choose to do them.

Does the artwork I created belong to me?
Yes! While it is encouraged to promote the requester and their concepts, you can do what you like with the art. You can sell it as prints, display it in your gallery, or share it with your friends.

Do I need to let the requester know that I am working on their project?
Nope! You can create anything you like without reporting to a requester. Some choose to leave the final product a surprise, while others share WIP – but that is entirely up to you! WIP should not be uploaded to the gift gallery.

What do I do if someone is pestering me to do their request?
Politely decline, and report that person to a moderator. No one is allowed to seek out an artist directly for a request.

Is there a required amount of requests I need to fulfill in order to continue being an artist here?
No – this site is not an obligation or demand. You may use it as frequently as you like to search for inspiration.

I have finished a gift and wish to submit it. What do I do now?
Visit the page of the specific request (you can search by title or bookmark it for quick viewing) and click “submit gift” and choose the desired image to upload. It will be saved in a small gallery for them here on the website.

How do I submit a request?
Visit this page to submit a request.

I submitted my request but I can’t find it! Did I do something wrong?
Each request will need to be approved before it is visible to everyone. This is just to make sure it follows our rules! Please be patient; our moderators are checking and accepting requests in their free time! If your request is declined, you will get an email response.

Can I submit more than one request?
Yes, but please keep others in mind – you are not the only person submitting. If someone is excessively submitting requests, moderators may delete their entries entirely. Just because you’ve submit more requests than everyone else does not mean yours will be chosen. What we are trying to promote here is selflessness, not greed. Please decide carefully before submitting.

Where can I find the request I submitted? Can I edit it?
Once you submit a request, you will be directed to the request page. The URL of the page is permanent – bookmark it to find it quickly in the future! Alternatively, you can search the title of your submission on the browse requests page. Editing is allowed at any time and must be done from your request page.

Do I need to make a new social media post every time I submit a request?
Yes. Please renew your post about Project Starcall so that more people can see it.

When will I know if my request was chosen or finished?
You will receive an email when someone has responded to your request – whether it be a comment or a finished gift. You can find gifts uploaded on the same page as your submitted request.

Can I choose the artist who takes my request?
The artist chooses what projects to work on. You may not ask them directly to work on your request. If you want a specific artist to work on your project, ask them if they take commissions. It is also against the rules to pester an artist – if we see it happening, we will take action.

Can I sell the artwork that was created for me, or use it for commercial purposes?
No, the artwork belongs solely to the artist.

Can I ask the artist to make changes once a gift has been given?
No. These are not commissions and the artist does not owe you changes or modifications to something they are giving as a gift.

What do I do to protect the ownership of my ideas?
Pay and legally copyright your ideas.

The creations, meaning the artwork created by our artists, are their property. The ideas remain your own. However, what happens on the internet is out of our control – sharing ideas of any kind could be a liability if you are concerned with such things. With that being said, we cannot be held responsible for what people do with the ideas, merely a place to share art. That is why a copyright is best.

How can I help make Starcall more successful?
First and foremost, thank you. I appreciate your yearning to help the cause – this project means a lot to all of us here. There are a couple of things you can do

  • You can directly aid the production of Project Starcall by supporting the project via patreon! The support offered here helps cover the maintenance of the website. You’re helping the community grow while getting lots of artsy rewards in return.
  • For those who are unable to make a financial commitment, I want to stress that your assistance is just as important! Promote the #ProjectStarcall tag and follow @ProjectStarcall on twitter. Be sure to share the URL to the site ( and what the project means to you!

I want to share the artwork created by artists on this site on my social media page. Is that okay?
Before reposting, be sure to ask if the artist has social media! For places like twitter and tumblr, you can retweet or reblog directly from their pages in order to give them some exposure. If they do not use social media and have given you permission to repost, we ask that you give credit to the artist who participated in making your project. Please also include the #ProjectStarcall tag, as well as a link to the Starcall page – more eyes on the page means more inspiration for all!

This is a sample post:
Artist: Sylessae (tag them on social media, or link to their gallery)
This artwork was created on #ProjectStarcall