• Be kind and thoughtful to others – treat them how you would want to be treated! No matter the skill level, we are all here with one goal in mind – community!

• Starcall is meant to inspire giving; there is no demand for any artist to ever participate.

• Project Starcall requests are not commissions. The artworks created by our artists here are for personal use only. You may not resell, steal, or claim the artwork as your own.

• Requesters may not use the gifts for commercial purposes or claim the art as their own.

• Any artwork created by an artist here becomes their intellectual property. Only the artist may sell or use the creation as they see fit. It is encouraged, however, that the character and design credit are given to the owner of the character.

• Requests are artworks made for absolutely no cost. Here, the only requirement is that you spread the word. Share on any social media platform. Include a blurb about what it is we do here, or what the project means to you along with the #ProjectStarcall tag. When you submit your request, please copy and paste the URL directly to where you shared. Do not only link your social media, or your request will not be approved.

• Requests for nude characters and images containing nudity used for reference are permitted if the request is marked as 18+. Sexually explicit requests and reference materials are never allowed.


• Submit your request only to this form. You are not allowed to ask an artist directly to complete your project.

• Submitting to this form will allow the public to view and fulfill your request. If you do not want your ideas to be public, you should not submit a request.

• Completing the form is not a guarantee that your request will be fulfilled, merely an inspirational suggestion to potential artists.

• Even though Starcall requests are free, artists always appreciate tips for their hard work. Requests are a generosity; consider rewarding them if you are pleased with their project.



• Do not submit the same request more than once. It will not help your chances.


• When you complete a project, please upload the image file as a “gift” on the original page of the request.

• Do not post WIP images as gifts. You may share WIP images in the comments below the request, if you prefer to share them.

• The artwork must be original to you. You can not upload someone else’s artwork.

• You may not post artwork that was done as a trade, contest entry, or commission. Each submission must be a gift, meaning quite simply, that it was done without intent to receive something in return.

• If you wish to share request on social media, please use the #ProjectStarcall tag!