Starcall got a face lift!

Welcome to Starcall 2.0!

Aside from the slick new look, we have some great new features being rolled out with this update:

  • Submitting, editing, and deleting your requests is easier than before with a spiffy new home-grown request system.
  • Searching for requests no longer depends on the clunky forum system – now they are all organized neatly in a table, which is searchable by title or description.
  • Artists can now upload their work directly to the request page, where it will be displayed proudly
  • All gift uploads are displayed on the Starcall front page, and also in the gallery of completed requests

One thing to note is that with this update, the forum database has been cleared. The forums haven’t been very active – in total, we only lost 54 topics that weren’t requests. I’ll look for a way to import the old posts over, but for now we’re starting with a clean slate.

We’re not stopping here, though. We have many more features plannedĀ  – check the news here on for updates! You can also follow development here on the Starcall Trello board.

Major features planned for the next update:

  • User profile enhancements: user profiles will display the users’ submitted gifts and requests.
  • Request browser enhancement: more filters, sort by clicking on column headers
  • Tagging system: tag and search requests by dynamic, user-created tags

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