New feature: Gift comments!

Hi folks!

With the conclusion of this Sunday’s maintenance window, a new feature has been implemented: Gift comments! Now you’re able to leave comments for artists directly on their artwork, so please let them know how thankful you are for those gifts. There’s a link to the comment page of every gift right in the image caption.

As always, please report any bugs or offer any suggestions on the forums, and always feel free to contact me directly at

Thanks everyone!


2 thoughts on “New feature: Gift comments!

  1. Hi!

    I tried to edit a comment on someone’s submitted gift for me, and it wouldn’t let me. I’ve tried hard refreshing the Starcall homepage, as well as the gift page, yet it doesn’t work.

    Otherwise, awesome update, you guys!

    1. Hey Calico,

      Thanks for the feedback – I was able to reproduce that issue myself, though only on Chrome. It seems to work for me when using Firefox. I’ll investigate and this should be fixed soon.


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