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    It’s high time I started actually posting some of my work here.
    Since I’ve been focusing on my high fantasy story I haven’t paid much attention to DeviantArt as I’ve migrated my drafting from to Word Online. This coupled with a maturing in the way I build plot and write in general has by accident cause me to tend towards finishing my big story first. This is a passion project for me; during the Christmas period in 2017 I wrote a short story as a homage to Project Starcall and the community it created, this time it’s a proper full length story mixing the artists and friends of Project Starcall into the obscure and extraordinarily magical universe of Myst and Uru.
    For those unfamiliar with Myst it is a game franchise from 1992, the games were simple point and click puzzle games with a rich backstory while shrouded in mystery. As simple as they were the puzzles were fiendishly clever and with next to no real help available you had to rely on your own intelligence and wit to complete the game and uncover the story. The games are notorious for producing some of the most detailed and intricate worlds to play in, Myst itself while not the best quality today is famous for using a great deal of space specifically because the makers refused to compress the pictures and animations, resulting in the clearest possible rendering of all the worlds. Steeped in the lore of Myst and the offshoot game Uru is the Art of Writing, a technique developed by the natives to describe and ‘link’ worlds to books known as Ages and traveling between them. Ages, Age Writers and the Art is how I personally view books, authors and literature in general. The Art of Writing has always struck me as the perfect metaphor of what good writing and literature can do – teleport the reader into worlds of imagination and awe, so it is my personal goal to attempt to write my own Descriptive Books and link readers to the Ages I’ve written.

    As of January 2, 2019 the story is currently at Chapter Sehn – Three, once again in between weeks of working on my projects I’ll be adding more to the story over time, here is the Word Online link to the document. My writing is influenced by music so every so often I’ll also add and update a soundtrack of the music inspired by and incorporated into the story.

    the Starkoul Soundtrack;
    1. Wormholes by Epic Mountain Music

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