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    Welcome back to our study group everyone! We’ll be changing up how we do study sessions here on the forums. Studies will be two week long events; you can post your product of your studies at any point during the weeks for critique, feedback, or general discussion. These do not need to be “finished” paintings or drawings but even completed artworks are welcome for critique so long as they follow the weekly theme.

    Alternatively, if you have an image you would like critiqued that doesn’t follow the weekly theme, you can post it here!

    This bi-weekly study theme is Lighting.
    To get you started, here are a few video lessons on lighting. Of course, you are not limited to using only these resources but if you’re not sure where to begin, these might help you!

    Put your knowledge to work.
    It’s time to take what you’ve learned from the video lesson and apply it to your artwork. Once you have something to be reviewed, submit it on this thread.
    If you are short on reference material, you can follow this pinterest board to give you some subjects to study!


    • Digital or traditional artwork is absolutely fine!
    • Draw slowly and really think about how the light effects your subject! Try breaking complex parts into simpler shapes before detailing!
    • There is no requirement for what you paint/draw. You can submit a simple study, a full painting, a half-done painting – study something for as long as you need. But keep those resources and your newfound knowledge in mind while you work!

    Throughout the weeks, critiques will be given by myself and your peers. Please be courteous – if you are submitting something for critique, consider offering something constructive to a fellow artist in return!

    Happy studying!

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    Coming back after 6 months because i’m always motivated by a community study session! There’s a lot of places where I think I could have pushed the colors here and I didn’t, but I am proud of this overall!!

    Creator of Starcall


    Welcome back to the forums! I’m really happy to see you back; equally happy that you’re sharing art with us!

    I really adore this piece! Do you want to share a bit about your process or what inspired you along the way?

    I know you said you could have used more color, but honestly, I can appreciate the monochromatic vibe! I think it really sets a sort of solemn or cozy mood with the browns and blacks and oranges you used! The monochromatic palette also makes it look as though the character is standing in a sort of darkness with only embers or a candle for light! You used a bounce light on the opposite of the character and I think this is a really great technique for making the character look more three dimensional as well as standing out in the dark!

    My main suggestion for your light source is to really pump up the light on the front of the character. Right now, the light reflected on her front only slighter brighther than the bounce light on her back. Don’t be afraid of pushing it further!

    Thanks for sharing – can’t wait to see what’s next from you!!


    @sylessae Thanks for the feedback!! I may make this something I redo later in the year to see if I can get that a little brighter there in the front, and see how I’ve improved overall.

    I started off knowing I was going to do one of the images on the board you linked –it was going to be this one, specifically. I really liked the warm colors against the dark background. I also knew I wanted to draw my character, Nerio. As I was putting down the initial sketch I knew I wanted some light source adjustments to compensate for the fact that she doesn’t have much color variation –her eyes, hair, skin, horns, ears, all of that are shades of brown and tan, and I figured if I moved the light source to the front I could allow more of her features to stand out. So instead of a yellow-y light from above I decided to make it a fireplace, and give it a bit more orange in there.

    I ended up doing a lot of color adjustment with her hair –my reference image was blonde, and she ended up that way too. Some correction got her closer, but then she was a redhead… but we got there eventually. It was a good exercise for me, I think because I’m used to picking my colors for a well-lit character.

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